Orchestral & Specialty Programmes 

Grades 6 to 10

Beginner and Experienced campers choose one instrument, learn or develop specific techniques and participate in ensembles, concert band or orchestra.

  • Beginner Strings, Brass and Winds, or Percussion: No experience necessary, introductory classes in violin, cello, trumpet, flute, clarinet and orchestral percussion such as timpani, mallets, snares, etc. Camper may choose other instruments such as viola, bass, trombone or saxophone by arrangement. Brass, wind and percussion students participate in concert band. String students form the SMC String Ensembles.
  • Experienced Strings, Brass and Winds or Percussion: Designed to further develop and enhance performance practise and ensemble playing for experienced players. Campers need two years instruction on their instrument; all must be able to read music. Campers will participate in Concert Band and the SMC Orchestra.
  • Jazz: campers explore improvisation, ensemble and jazz solo traditions; campers must have three years experience on their instrument of choice
  • Composition: composition students must have Conservatory Canada Level 3 or equivalent

Combination Programmes

Grades 4 to 10

Any two half-day programmes can combine to make a full day; please note, these classes cannot be combined with orchestral instrument classes.

Classes include:

  • Guitar: classical guitar instruction
  • Guitar & Ukes: explore both the classical guitar and the ukulele
  • Piano: group lessons, focusing on basic techniques and the unique skills needed for ensemble playing and performance.
  • Vocal: more advanced study of voice production techniques, as applied to a variety of vocal styles and genres
  • 1/2 Day Harp: students spend all afternoon with the glorious troubador harps (enrolment limited) 

Rainbow Music Programming

Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3

Rainbow Music: Age-appropriate half-day programmes explore music basics such as pitch, rhythm, note names, rests, ensemble playing, and the simple joy of making music. Each class uses different instruments, all incorporate singing and movement. Two half-day programmes may combine to make a full day.

Classes include:

  • Ukulele Kids: Ukuleles are guitar-like instruments with 4 strings, perfect for small hands. Coloured tabs under the strings make learning this popular instrument easy and fun.
  • Rainbow Voices: primary choral class, upbeat and fun
  • Harpsicles: small, brightly coloured lap harps
  • Rainbow Percussion: pitched hand drums, coded by colour and shape for easy recognition

Parents & Tots Programme 

45-minute, morning-only sessions featuring play-based musical exploration guided by an early education expert. Child must be accompanied by an adult.