Niagara Symphony Orchestra’s Compassionate Symphony Initiative

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra’s Compassionate Symphony Initiative endeavours to make all NSO concerts and programmes accessible and engaging for our entire community, regardless of age, background, ability or circumstance. Donations from individuals and businesses will provide low-cost or complimentary tickets to NSO concerts for people in need.

In 2017 the City of St. Catharines introduced the Compassionate City Charter, combining care and action to create a vibrant and prosperous city with opportunity for all of its residents. By signing the charter, residents, community partners, schools and businesses commit to working together to make St. Catharines a community where everyone belongs.  Compassionate Symphony is the NSO’s pledge to this initiative; opening our concert hall doors welcoming everyone to experience the life-changing power of orchestral music through meaningful community partnerships.

Our Goals:

  • Increase public awareness of the Niagara Symphony and the orchestra’s commitment to a compassionate city
  • Engage the community (individuals and local businesses) in the initiative
  • Create and foster long-lasting partnerships with service organizations, businesses, schools, and individuals
  • Distribute tickets to deserving individuals, children and their families, so they have the opportunity to experience our wonderful performances, when they may not have had an opportunity otherwise

Donors to the Compassionate Symphony Initiative:

  • Are publically recognized as supporters of the Compassionate Symphony (logo and/or name) and can feel proud that they are helping to create an inclusive and accessible musical community by sharing their love of the NSO
  • Are encouraged to attend the performance with recipients of the tickets in order to foster new relationships and connect recipients to other members of our community 
  • Receive tickets to selected performances
  • Receive a tax receipt for all/a portion of their contribution
  • Become known as trusted community leaders and partners for the arts in Niagara

Partnership Levels:


Donation Amount

Tickets Donated



20 tickets



40 tickets



100 tickets

Recipients of the Compassionate Symphony Initiative:

  • Receive tickets to select performance(s) of the NSO
  • Are able to experience an NSO concert that would not have been accessible to them without assistance
  • Gain a feeling of autonomy and ownership of the arts through no-barrier access to performances and music education and can feel welcome at other arts events in the community
  • Can build relationships with donors and organizations that provide vital services in our community

To become part of the NSO's Compassionate Symphony Initiative, please contact: 

Annie Slade, Marketing & Development Coordinator
905-687-4993 ext 225 | or email Annie Slade