Neal Evans

  • Instrument: Double Bass
  • Member Since: 1988

Toronto musician Neal Evans has performed on double bass with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra, Talisker Players, Opera York, Soundstreams, New Music Concerts, the Open Ears Festival, the Shaw Festival, Theatre Aquarius, Mirvish Productions. Neal has been a long time member of "And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon" a group started by composer R Murray Schafer that holds an annual week long outdoor ritual drama performance. As a member, Neal has cooked, cleaned, packed heavy barrels through the rain, played bass from the top of a rocky ridge, conducted in the middle of a rain soaked meadow and sung nocturnes to the stars from a canoe. Through his association with this group, he was asked to perform the Bass and musical Saw in the 2009 Luminato/ Soundstreams production of Murray Schafer's "The Children's Crusade" and most recently in the acclaimed Luminato production of Schafer's "Apocalypsis". Introduced to the world of Appalachian old time music by his two musical sons, Neal performs and records regularly with them in the Kitgut, All Day Breakfast and Right Rounders stringbands. Neal is a member of the Ravenstring Collective whose latest production Hugin and Munin speaks to current themes of time and memory sourced from the poetic Edda of the Norse Myths. The show uses elements of sculpture, performance art, opera, folk music and dance. Neal has been a member of the Niagara Symphony bass section since 1988.