Dianne Humann

  • Instrument: First Violin
  • Member Since: 1971

Dianne Humann began her violin studies in Lincoln, Nebraska, where she was also studying piano. During high school she performed with the Lincoln Youth Orchestra and various school groups Dianne attended Valparaiso University in Indiana where she received a BA with majors in music and theology. At that time she studied pipe organ principally, but also played violin in the University- Civic Orchestra of Valparaiso. Upon graduation, Dianne married and moved to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where her husband did campus ministry with the Lutheran Church. In Saskatoon, she resumed violin studies and played with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. It was at that time that she was able to perform for the opening of the new concert hall there. In 1970, the Humann family moved to St. Catharines, and Dianne began playing with the St. Catharines Civic orchestra (now the Niagara Symphony Orchestra) in 1971. Except for a couple of years when she was living in Cambridge, England, while her husband taught theology there, Dianne has been playing with the orchestra since that time. For several years she studied violin with Deryck Aird, who was concertmaster of the orchestra. Dianne has performed many years with the Niagara String Quartet, and has been music director at Resurrection Lutheran Church for 40 years. Dianne also taught at the Symphony Summer School and both of her children attended for several years. Both Joel and Deborah are now professional musicians. Deborah is principal harpist of the Niagara Symphony and Joel plays bass in Cambridge, England.