Inspire a child, enrich the community. The gymnasium is hushed, children are rapt as four principal musicians of the Niagara Symphony Orchestra take their places to begin a creative journey to the nexus of classical music and a child’s limitless imagination.

The NSO’s education initiatives are founded on the passionately-held belief that experiencing the arts enriches everyone’s life, starting in childhood. This exciting new project by the NSO will bring the NSO Story Quartet to schools throughout the Niagara Region, connecting Niagara’s cultural artists directly with students. The NSO now has the capacity, and indeed the responsibility, to bring music into every school in Niagara. Detailed study guides will support educators and help them implement the ministry arts syllabus and make cross-curricular connections. We owe it our children to bring the arts alive in schools. 

Thanks to inaugural funding from the Regional Municipality of Niagara’s Niagara Investment in Culture programme, the quartet will begin touring schools this year, and future plans include expanding to offer brass and wind quartets as well. The NSO’s Music Education initiative is also supported by the Ontario Paper Thorold Foundation, helping ensure excellent classical music is accessible to schools in Niagara.

The NSO Story Quartet will tour Niagara Region schools from January to May 2017. For more information, bookings, and teacher support materials, please contact the Outreach & Communications Manager 905-687-4993 ext. 223 or email BJ Armstrong.

Valerie Sylvester

Charlene Nagel Marlene Dankiw-Bath Gordon Cleland
Concertmaster Principal Second Violin Principal Viola Principal Cello