The Niagara SymphonyOrchestra (NSO) enriches the quality of life in the Niagara Peninsula by providing professional quality orchestral performances, programs, outreach activities and musical services.

As a music resource serving communities throughout the peninsula, the NSO is attentive to the needs and expectations of the region’s residents and visitors in an effort to create strong and meaningful connections with the public as well as with NSO donors, patrons, funders, volunteers, staff, music campers, students, musicians and other corporate partners.

Our supporters recognize that a strong cultural environment is essential to creating the vibrancy, diversity and success of a community. Your donations, sponsorship and concert attendance contribute to the renewed sense of community within the NSO and in downtown St. Catharines.In its initial year, FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre made a positive difference in St. Catharines:  increased activity in the downtown core; new restaurants appearing; students attending classes in the PAC and the Marilyn I. Walker School of Performing Arts; and the NSO’s record audience make our community buzz!

 We know we can create moments that take your breath away, where a community can be proud of itself and the experiences it affords its residents. Thank you for your trust, your commitment and your unwavering support.

Diamond ($10,000+)
Carol & David Appel
Janet & Peter Partridge
David & Leanne Steiner 

Platinum Elite ($5,000-$9,999)
Virginia Atkin & Keith Ambachtsheer
Robin Guard
Marilyn & Norris Walker

Platinum ($2,500-$4,999)
Rioux & Faye Cosby
Dr. Howard & Marlene Slepkov

Gold ($1,000-$2,499)
Scott & Ruth Aspinall
Joyce Shirley Auty
Carol Bell
Cathy & Terry Boak
Lynn Butler
Linda Chang & Cam Clayton
Gordon Cleland
Nancy & Douglas Court
Jonathon Dick
Robert & Josephine Henderson
Polly Hogan & Ron Ritchell
John & Margaret Krall
Dr. Joseph & Yvette Kushner
Vicki & Patrick Little
Daryl Novak & Brian Harrison
Elinor O'Neill
Daniel & Saundra Patterson
Dr. Nicholas & Mrs. Colleen Pohran
Joe & Anita Robertson
Malcolm & Kay Smith
Dr. Susan Sydor
Ellie Tesher & Vian Ewart
Ian & Margaret Waddell 

Silver ($500-$999)
Stephen Bedford & Mari Shantz
Joan & Larry Bourk
Spencer & Margaret Childs
Margaret Combe
Richard Cowper
Alan & Susan Dyer
Amalie Enns
Jayne & Richard Evans
Marilyn Gomme
Brent & Chelsey HarasymJacob & Katherine Hildebrand
Robert Hoxie
Lauren & Derek Hundert
Peter & Erika Janzen
Eric & Linda Jones
Richard Juritsch
Kathleen D. Langlois
James Lee
James & Virginia Mainprize
Marion J. Mooradian
Gary & Sarah Nadalin
Christopher Newton, CM
Christine Nolan
Brian & Paddy Parr
Peter & Betsy Partington
Virginia Reh
Gini & Tim Rigby
Dr. Astrid Heyer & Dr. Matthew Royal
Joan Sisler-Wells
Robert Smith
Rosemonde Tannous
Lester & Jean Taylor
Bradley Thachuk
William & Mary Lou Thachuk
Candice Turner-Smith

Bronze ($100-$499)
Martha Abra
Denise & Stephen Archer
Joanne Atkinson
Susan Baker & Jim Stangier
Douglas Bates
Alan & Charlotte Bath
Rosamund Battye
Larry & Susan Bearss
Shelia Benger
Evelyn Bergen
Sibyl Bergenstein
Jim BradleyCharles & Jane Burke
Alexis Bushell
Bill & Anna Chambers
Amrom & Linda Chodos
Carl & Elizabeth Christensen
Pamela Cline
Frank & Gail Coy
Monique DeJonghe
Barry & Anne Dunbar
Jim & Jane Dundas
Harry & Ingrid Edmonstone
Drs. Ian & Diana EllinghamMargaret Ferguson
Leslie Frankish
Barbara Fraser
Carol Gaspari
Marion Gayder
Rose Gellman
Joan Goodman
Gerald Hall
Doran & Judy Hallett
Peter & Linda Hammond
James & Marie K. Housley
William & Mary Houston
Elizabeth & Peter Howes
John & Irene Inglis
Anja Jokela
Ivan & Susan Kelly
David Kennedy
Peggy Lampard
Josh & Margaret Levine
Margaret Loney
Sarah Lynch
James & Laura Mable
Helen MacDonald
Ralph & Judy MacDonald
Irene & Gordon MacGregor
Carolyn MacKenzie
William A. Matheson
Glen & Nancy May
Mike & Christine Mazzolino
Anne McAllister & Gerald Lamb
Gordon McKindsey
Sharon McMillan
Gus & Joan Medina
Claudia Morawetz
Terry and Barbara O'Malley
Victoria Olds
Stan & Jean Oprendek
Peter W. Partridge & Poppy Gilliam
Les & Rosemary Phillis
Julie Ranti
John & Karen Reynolds
Merle Richards
Allan & Marylin Robson
Daniella Rousal
Lyn Royce
Eleanor Ryczak
Grant & Ruth Schappert
Dave Sharpe
Nigel & Pamela Shelton
Annie Slade
Elaine Smithies
William & Ivy Stevens
Marilyn Stewart
Joan Strachan
Doug & Betty Symington
Stan Thimm
Laura Thomas
Diane Thompson
Robert & Dawn Thompson
Willard & Sharon Thorne
Dr. William & Theodosia Tytaneck
Edith van Dongen
Brita Van Riesen
Sylvie-Ring Peterson
Beverley Watson
Joyce Webb
Jeffrey Weiner
Karen Whitworth
Martha Wiens
Jill Wilks 

Donor (under $99)
BJ Armstrong & Michael Robertson
Kathleen Barry
David & Marlene Bath
Ryan Baxter
Hugo & Lora Berg
Peter & Annie Berg
David and Deborah Braun
Helen Braun
Ray Cadorette
Betty Calato
Karen Caplan
Harry & Carolyn Collier
Paul Collins
Hester & Rene DeJonghe
John & Valerie DempseyDouglas & Erna Fast
Margaret Geddes
Jill Goebel
Arnold & Marlene Goertzen
David E. Griffiths
Rita Hambrock
Robert & Nancy Hayden
Helena Janzen
Dorothy & Garry Lumley
John Ross MacDonald
John Martens
Jacquelyn Morgan
Marion Muirhead
Martin & Michelle Myers
Anneliese Pankratz
Dennis & Helen Ray
Frank & Aimee Roger
Paul Roth
Anna Sobschak
Hertha Susgin
Alison Thomson
Evelyn Tipson
James & Elizabeth Wagner
Anne Whitehead
Brenda Zadoroznij

In Memory of
Annie Enns

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra also wished to extend our deepest thanks to our anonymous donors 

Donations from August 1, 2016 - July 31, 2017