NSO Announces the N. Walker Chamber Orchestra Series

Jan 16, 2018

NSO Announces the N. Walker Chamber Orchestra Series

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra is thrilled to announce the creation of an exciting new concert programme, the N. Walker Chamber Orchestra Series.  Established with a generous gift from Mr. Norris Walker and named in his honour, this new series will afford the NSO an opportunity to fully explore the riches of the vast chamber orchestra repertoire.  Presented in Cairns Hall as an integral part of NSO programming, the N. Walker Chamber Orchestra Series will premiere with two outstanding concerts in the 2018-2019 season.

Mr. Walker commented:   “I look forward with pleasure to hearing the NSO perform the chamber repertoire featured on this new series.  My long association with the arts community supports my belief in the value the Arts offer everyone in Niagara!”

Music Director Bradley Thachuk  and Executive Director Candice Turner-Smith said:  "We are deeply grateful to Mr. Walker for his vision, his generosity and his investment in the Niagara Symphony Orchestra."  Added Maestro Thachuk:  "It will be an honour to conduct a series named in recognition of such an exemplary patron of the arts.  Thank-you, Norris!" 

The Niagara Symphony Orchestra will announce its 2018-2019 season in April of this year, which will include the new N. Walker Chamber Orchestra Series.  The musicians, board and staff of the Niagara Symphony Orchestra extend heartfelt thanks to Mr. Walker for his generosity.